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Energy Management

Energy Management can be viewed as the processes of improving the efficiency of energy usage of a building or organisation by monitoring, analysing or controlling the energy usage considering both economic and environmental objectives.

Energy Costs dominates the charts of most businesses in Nigeria and Africa at large. Reducing these costs can make a huge difference in improving profit margins. Energy Management offers a unique solution in actualizing this.

In energy management we are concerned about the way and manner we utilise energy. How much juice are we squeezing out of the orange, if not, what can we do to get more out  of the orange?.

Utilizing energy efficiently reduces cost on our operational facility and also reduces our impact on the environment through net reduction in greenhouse gases (GHGs) emission. It is putting in place techniques, awareness, controls and standards associated with energy usage.


What We Offer

Entropy-tech Energy Limited renders services in the area of energy management to her clients to provide them with low cost energy utilizing packages that will result in more efficient use of energy, lower energy cost without compromising comfort and also minimising their environmental impact. We achieve this using either of the following methods:

  • Energy Audit

These audits are performed for already existing facilities/buildings. In performing this audit, we evaluate and analyse your company's energy usage with the aid of some special tools, we identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency, identify means of saving you money and improve your environmental performance.

This audit can be performed individually on specific sections and equipment or as a whole for an entire facility.

       Specific areas may include:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC&R
  • Building envelope improvement
  • Water systems
  • Alternative Energy feasibility studies etc.


  • Energy Efficiency Integration

This service is rendered to new facilities. Here energy efficiency technologies are integrated during the design of the building/facility. We provide top quality energy efficiency integration services to both new commercial and residential facilities.


We have the expertise to recommend, specify, supply and integrate energy efficiency techniques that will help improve the overall efficiency of the new facility, thereby reducing energy consumption, cost and improving on the environmental impact of the facility from the onset. 


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