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Gas Turbine Axial Compressor Washing

The Axial compressor is a vital and sensitive component of Industrial gas turbines as it increases the pressure of the air (by compressing it) before heat is added in the combustor. Its performance and operational state can have significant effect on the entire performance of the gas turbine.

Typically Industrial gas turbine Installations are fitted with air filtration systems to reduce or get rid of contaminants that can damage or reduce the performance of the axial compressor.

However, axial compressor fouling is inevitable regardless of the efficiency and effectiveness of the air filters.

GT axial compressor washing has proven to be one of the most effective means of mitigating the effect of fouling and restoring overall gas turbine performance. Experiences have shown the following benefits of GT compressor washing

  • Increased power output
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Increased life span of compressor components (e.g. blades and bearings)


What we Offer

The success of axial compressor washing depends on the effectiveness of the delivery system and the quality/ type of cleaning fluid used since It is of little use having the best cleaning fluid if the fouled part of the compressor cannot be reached (especially in online washing).

We offer the most effective combination of aqueous based axial compressor cleaner and cutting edge high pressure fluid injection technology to provide unparalleled performance improvement in your industrial gas turbine.

Also in line with our principle of flexibility in operation, we ensure that your GT axial compressor can be washed no matter if it is in operation or not. Thus we offer the following type of GT axial compressor washing.

  • Online GT Axial Compressor Washing
  • Offline GT Axial Compressor Washing

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