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Photovoltaic (Solar Cell) System

A solar photovoltaic (PVC) system converts light into electrical direct current (DC) by taking advantage of the photoelectric effect (a phenomenon where light can be used to push electrons, freeing them from the surface of a solid).  An electric current is created when this phenomenon goes on and on.

A typical solar powered photovoltaic system basically consists of the following components:

Solar Panels/Array The solar panels converts sunlight or solar radiation into electricity using the photoelectric effect. Because of the restricted power generation capacity of a panel (typically 200W to 250W), a number of panels is usually connected together to achieve the desired capacity. The entire bank of solar panels is usually referred to as an array.

Inverter The inverter simply converts the direct current (DC) produced by the solar panel/Array into alternating current (AC) that is required for the operation of most of our electrical appliances.

DC Isolator The DC isolator serves as a safety gadget for disconnecting the solar panel or array from the inverter mostly for scheduled maintenance.

AC Isolator It isolates or disconnects the solar photovoltaic system from the electricity supply of the building for emergency or more often when work is to be carried out on the building mains supply.

Battery Bank Because of the low availability of solar radiation, a battery bank is needed to store energy in DC form for later use.

Charge Controller The charge controller prevents batteries from overcharging in order to extend battery life.


What we Offer One of the downside of the solar power photovoltaic system is the relatively high cost of PVC array/battery bank. Therefore energy efficiency becomes imperative since the lower the site energy demand, the lower the required number of panels and batteries to meet this demand which can have a significant effect on PVC system cost reduction.

At Entropy-Tech Energy we ensure that the energy requirement of the building/site is sized correctly and effectively before the solar PVC is installed. We also offer a walk-through energy audit/evaluation to ensure that the energy demand of the proposed site is reduced to the barest minimum without altering the comfort and required site performance. 

We also offer stand-alone inverter-conventional power systems which do not require the solar Array.

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