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Solar Water Heaters

A solar water heater is basically a system that transforms solar energy (radiation from the sun) into thermal energy (a transient form of energy manifested as heat) which can be used to heat water for domestic, commercial and industrial needs.

Considering the abundant solar radiation in this region and the constant interruption of power supply especially in Nigeria, solar water heater can reduce the burden of dependency on conventional electric heaters or boilers and gas heaters to supply hot water needs in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, etc. more so, it consumes little or no kilowatt from the grid (which contributes to a significant amount of electric bills)

There are a wide variety of solar water heater technologies available. The choice of a particular system depends on a number of factors like amount of available solar radiation and solar orientation.

A study carried out by Entropy-Tech R-D team showed that correct installation was the most important factor affecting the performance of solar water heaters, even surpassing the effect of specific technology used (i.e. evacuated tubes or flat plate, direct or indirect system).

As one of the downsides of solar water heaters, solar energy is not always available (About 30- 40% solar radiation per day in this region); thus performance and efficiency becomes a key issue if the limited available solar energy must be utilized optimally.


 There are numerous benefits of SWH. The following are some of the benefits guaranteed to be derived from our solar water heater

  • Abundant amount of energy that is free of charge
  • No greenhouse gas (CO2) pollution during its operation
  • Significant financial savings as a result of less or no charged energy (Utility Power) to heat water
  • Significant reduction in fuel consumption for hotels, hospitals and domestic homes.


What we offer

As a result of the wide variety of SWH technology available, we have specifically chosen to offer SWH technologies that are suited to our climatic conditions and independent of the constant power interruptions in this part of the region. Our solar water heater technologies offered includes the following:

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Why trust us to deliver on quality SWH

At Entropy-tech Energy, we don’t just sell and install solar water heaters; we make sure that our customers derive maximum satisfaction and profit by carrying out proper pre-installation simulation; performance evaluation and economic feasibility with respect to the specific site of installation thus creating a benchmark to ensure effective installation of the solar water heater.


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