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Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling

Gas turbines have become a major player in power generation in Africa and the world at large due to its unique characteristics. However there lies a major setback with its operation particularly in regions with high ambient temperatures like Nigeria. This is because the gas turbine is a continuous flow air breathing engine where the air mass flow rate has a predominant effect on its power output and efficiency.

Gas turbines are typically designed at standard temperature and pressure (i.e. 15 °C and 1.013 bars). Thus an increase in operating ambient air temperature with respect to this design point values decreases the power output (by up to 30%) and efficiency as is the case with gas turbines operating in Nigeria and temperate regions at large.

Cooling the gas turbine inlet air (even by a few degrees) provides a commercially proven solution to this challenge. This is because when the inlet air is cooled, it becomes denser, increasing the air mass flow rate through the GT engine and thus resulting in an increase in power output and efficiency. Gas turbine inlet air cooling practices have produced as much as 0.7% increases in power output per degree Celsius temperature drop.

Economic feasibility studies of GTIAC  carried out by our team at Entropy-Tech Energy limited shown that the cost of installing a GTIAC system to be about one-third the cost of installing a new gas turbine(GT)  with the same capacity as the power augmented by the GTIAC system.

What we offer

While there a wide variety of GTIAC systems available, Entropy-Tech energy offers two commercially well-proven gas turbine inlet air cooling (GTIAC) systems;

  • Inlet Air Chilling using mechanical chillers
  • Evaporative cooling using fogging system

Each of these GTIAC systems have their unique advantages and disadvantages. However to ensure that our clients derive maximum profitability, we carry out a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the site’s ambient characteristics to determine the most cost -and- energy efficient GTIAC option to be recommended considering its economic and technical viability.

With the help of our fabricating partners/OEM, We offer specific/customized field-erected GTIAC considering the fact that each client, project and operating conditions are unique and therefore may require specific designs. However we also offer modular GTIAC designs were our feasibility studies have deemed it appropriate.

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