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Gas Turbine Performance Evaluation & Diagnostics

Gas Turbine Performance Evaluation &Diagnostics (GTPED) service is our pilot gas turbine performance enhancement service aimed at providing end users/customers an overview of the actual operating condition of their gas turbines and its effect on profitability of the plant. The general objective of this service is driven towards reducing Total Ownership Costs of gas turbines.


Here, the performance of the gas turbine is monitored and analysed by measuring and trending some key performance parameters. Diagnostics is then performed by trending fault indices using some specialised software to determine and arrest/eliminate performance deterioration mechanism.  


Some of the unique benefits of our GTPED services are as follows 

  • detect fuel quality changes on-line and therefore arrest increases in fuel costs
  • Provides warning of problems in advance and reduces unscheduled shutdown.
  • Significant increment in Mean Time between Overhauls (MTBO) as a result of monitoring the turbine creep life on actual operating conditions.


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