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Engineering Laboratory Services

Engineering Laboratory Services

Engineering laboratory equipment are important to our colleges, polytechnics and universities because of the role these equipment play in bridging the gap between theory and practical and in preparing engineering students qualitatively for the industry.

Entropy-Tech Energy Limited offers quality engineering laboratory equipment to colleges, polytechnics and universities for teaching, demonstrations and research purposes. We don’t just stop at installing these equipment; we ensure that lab technicians are trained appropriately on equipment operations. We also monitor equipment performance, keep history and carry out preventive and corrective maintenance when due. Our offered engineering lab equipment is listed below.

  • Model Steam Power Plant
  • Mini Gas Turbine Power System
  • Mini Turbojet Engine
  • Wind Turbine Test Rig
  • 4 Stroke Internal Combustion diesel Engine Test Rig
  • 4 Stroke IC Petrol Engine Test Rig
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Models
  • Vapour Absorption Model
  • Refrigeration Fault Simulator
  • Pump/Process control lab

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